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17-year-old with heart defect gets new lease of life

IANS | New Delhi |

After years of struggle, 17-year-old Tushar, who was diagnosed with complex cyanotic heart disease when he was six, has now been successfully operated on at a hospital here, giving him a new lease of life.

The right side of his heart and the blood supply to his lungs were grossly abnormal. Moreover, he had a massive hole in his heart and the body was getting only deoxygenated blood, which is impure blood, Max Super Speciality Hospital at Shalimar Bagh said in a statement.

Under the guidance of Senior Cardiac Surgeon Dinesh Mittal, the team conducted CT scan and angiography to define the anatomy in details.

The surgery was highly complicated and time consuming. It took 22 hours to complete this complex procedure. After the surgery, Tushar's body received 100 per cent oxygen level. Though he was on ventilator for 15 days and took a month to recover fully, life has changed for the better for Tushar, the hospital added.

During the surgery, Tushar's breast bone was cut open and he was put on a cardiopulmonary machine. Gradually, the entire body was cooled down to 18 degree celsius. His abnormal arteries of lungs were re-fixed and blood circulation resumed. 

The remaining procedure was completed on cardiopulmonary bypass. This technique temporarily takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery, maintaining the circulation of blood and the oxygen content of the patient's body, and is used during open heart surgery.

"Ninetyfive per cent of heart defects, especially in children, can usually be treated with medicine or surgery," Mittal said.

"Prevention is the best way to avoid a heart problem later in life," Mittal added.