A special tea which looks like gold fetched a record price of Rs 39,001 per kg at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC) on Tuesday.

The tea, Manohari Tea Estate under the brand name Manohari Gold Tea, went to the highest bidder in the orthodox teas during sale number 30.

According to reports, a total of two kg Manohari Gold Tea was purchased by Guwahati-based Saurabh Tea Traders, who will now dispatch half of it to a client in Ahmedabad and the rest to two clients in Delhi and Kolkata.

It takes 20 days to produce two kg of gold tips of the tea, which is grown in Dibrugarh in eastern Assam. The tea is made entirely from the bud and has hand-made gold tips.

Before Manohari Gold Tea, it was a special variety of tea grown in the Donyi Polo Tea Estate in Arunachal Pradesh which held the tag of costliest tea of India. The tea was sold for Rs 18,801 per kg in 2017. The same tea estate had sold a type of tea called Silver Needle White Tea for Rs 17,001 per kg this June.