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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited warns customers against frauds

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPPDL) has warned its customers against fraudsters asking for money by sending false messages on WhatsApp.

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Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPPDL), an electricity supplier in North Delhi, has warned its customers against fraudsters. Fraudsters are asking for money by sending false messages.

On Saturday the company re-issued an advisory against the multiple fraudulent activities that are taking place to trap customers.

Miscreants send false messages of disconnection or reconnection of electricity, forge app installation, fake visits, ask for money for pending bill payments, etc. to the patrons.

Using calls, WhatsApp messages, and in-person visits for frauds

Many Tata Power-DDL customers complained that they are receiving messages mentioning that the power supply will be disconnected because they have not paid the bills.

These fraudsters ask the customers to call or send a WhatsApp message or even request an in-person visit. These swindle activities are rampant because people instinctively call the number or ask for help and get lured into providing confidential details.

TPPDL in its advisory has informed customers about ways of being protected from these kinds of frauds.

Don’t call or download a third-party app to skip such fraud

It has requested its customers not to call any unofficial number, download any third-party app for such activities, or request an employee visit.

Use TPDDL Connect App to verify official

The company in its advisory has said that customers can easily verify TPPDL’s employees. If any person visits their premises and claims as a TPPDL official then they can identify him using the company’s official Mobile App TPDDL Connect.

The company has also lodged an official complaint against these phone numbers and has urged the customers to beware of such fake SMS/calls as this may also result in financial loss.

Urged to report all frauds

The company has also urged its customers to report these malpractices by sending an email on its official mail id [email protected].

The company is continuously raising awareness about these frauds. 

They are warning their customers directly through SMSs and also closely working with RWA Members and conducting awareness drives to save customers from these frauds.