Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday said that software development and IT-enabled services are the most vibrant sectors and government has included these and electronics systems in the 25 sectors under the Make in India programme.
“Software development and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS, including BPO & KPO) industry had emerged as one of the most dynamic and vibrant sectors in India,” an official statement quoting Jaitley said.
The Finance Minister today held a pre-budget consultative meeting with the representatives of IT industry.
He said that the government recognises the potential of IT sector, hence Electronic Systems and IT & BPM (Business Process Management) are included among 25 sectors in ‘Make in India’ programme.
“It was brought forth that government support was required for IT sector in view of increasing trends of protectionism and anti-globalisation abroad. Also rapid changing nature of technology in IT field makes it imperative to focus on R&D in IT, hence, the government needs to promote R&D and innovation in IT sector,” the statement said.
Nasscom President R Chandrashekhar after the meeting said “Our main focus is on ease of doing business and level playing field. Important backdrop of our suggestion was that the industry does face headwinds globally because of protectionism and anti-globalisation forces in different country,” 
Issues related to broadband connectivity in India were raised by industry representatives and suggested that over-ground towers and underground fibre cable network need to be improved in a big way.
To further boost broadband access representatives said that smart phone prices need to be further brought down.
It was appreciated in the discussion that green shoots are visible in smart phone manufacturing industry in India and manufacturing of these phones is increasing rapidly, the statement said.
“Also, street price of these Indian made smart phones is competitive when compared to Chinese made phones. So the next logical focus of Indian smart phone manufacturers should be to target the export market,” the statement said.