Renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor eyes to open 14 outlets of casual dining restaurant ‘The Yellow-Chilli’ in United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the next three years.

"I intend to bring my casual-dining restaurant brand ‘The Yellow Chilli’ to UAE. The response in UAE to our food has been fantastic and that is why we are also opening 11 outlets for ‘The Yellow Chilli’ in UAE and 3 in Dubai," Kapoor told PTI here.

He was in the city to inaugurate a Yellow Chilli restaurant.

"The response in the UAE to our food has been fantastic" he claimed.

"Our goal at ‘The Yellow Chilli’ is to provide a high-quality, family dining experience at affordable prices," the chef added.

"In terms of food, what we do here is we give people a taste of India through my eyes. It is food that I have grown up with, and it is skewed more towards the north of India but it is Indian food the way India eats today. The roots are traditional but the interpretation is very relevant to today," he added.

"My wife is from the state of Gujarat and now I want to promote tasty Gujarati food ‘Khandvi’, ‘Dhokla’ and ‘Undhiyu’ in these restaurants located in India and abroad," he added.

There are currently 70 restaurants of this chain, most of them in India.