Policy think-tank NITI Aayog has favoured strengthening of special courts, time-bound disposal of cases and moderate taxation to effectively deal with generation of black money and corruption.

The three-year draft action agenda, released by the Aayog on Thursday, stressed on minimising discretionary powers of government officials.

“Special courts set up to try corruption cases should be strengthened and time limit to process corruption cases should be introduced,” said the 208-page agenda circulated among the chief ministers on Sunday.

The action agenda will replace the five-year planning system. The 12th Five-Year Plan, the last of the series, ended on March 31.

Referring to the issue of generation black money, the Aayog said, “Structural changes to reduce flows of black money will involve keeping tax levels moderate and tax administration simple and transparent and reforms in real estate transaction, including seeding of Aadhar and moderate stamp duties.”

Moreover, the premier think-tank recommended that the government must frontally address the problem of corruption among tax officials.

“Cases of corruption among tax officials must be prosecuted and disposed of swiftly since without instilling honesty in officials in this area, we cannot curb the generation of black money,” the draft action agenda said.

It further pointed out that corruption hinders the process of economic growth, undermines trust in democratic and governance institutions and has a broader corrosive impact on the process of human development.

The draft agenda also noted that discretionary postings often result in charges of favouritism and corruption.

It also stressed on the need for using technology for various government activities.

“While technology can be used for various government activities, one such example is the promotion of government e-market, which is aimed at replacing the current procurement system with a digital marketplace,” the agenda stated.