With an aim to help parents chart and support the right career path for their children, insurance giant Aviva Life launched Aviva Kid-o-scope – a digital platform which will help gauge a child’s unique aptitude and talents at an early age.

Aviva claims the system uses psychometric assessments, “exclusively designed” for the firm, to identify the aptitude of different age groups from 3 to 15 years. It also provides customised guidance in the form of content from experts along with hobbies and activities. Aviva Education Cost Calculator then helps parents undertake financial planning to help their children pursue the career they display a passion for.

Kid-o-scope, Aviva claims, is a tool to catch the talent in the children at an age as young as three. Additionally, the financial plan is derived from an education cost calculator that estimates the future cost of education for the chosen field of study.

“We believe that every child is unique and has certain inherent skills, that if honed early will ensure a secure future for the child,” said Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Aviva India.

Research indicates that the early years between the ages of 0-6 are the best for brain development. In fact, 85 per cent of the child’s brain development occurs in these formative years.

“One can’t predict where your child will end up and pushing them toward a certain passion won’t guarantee happiness or success. However, you can support them in the present and allow them the freedom to pave their own road to happiness,” said Malhotra.

“It is critical that parents understand the importance of early years and take steps to identify the unique strengths of their children and therefore aid in the development of the child,” she said, adding that Aviva’s Online Assessment Test under the Kid-o-scope platform would help parents discover the areas their children are good at and nurture their talent.

Malhotra underlined that Aviva – a joint venture between Dabur Invest Corp and UK based insurance company Aviva International holdings Limited – believed in partnering with parents by offering “not just an insurance solution but a holistic package” to help them plan, identify and nurture their child’s future.