The Kerala government is investing about Rs.50,000 crore on infrastructure projects this year to enhance job opportunities for the youth, state Finance Minister Thomas Issac said here on 26 June.

Noting that about 40 per cent of the investment has already been declared, he said the proposed investment is huge for a small state like Kerala.

"I don't go into how we are financing. It's going to take place. It will change Kerala's profile," Issac, who was speaking at a seminar on urbanisation organised by a Left-affiliated outfit, said.

Observing that Kerala is moving towards a "stationary population growth" (without substantial rise), he said the state has provided around 15 lakh houses and that another six lakh houses would be built as part of universal housing.

All the class rooms (about 40,000) in the state are going to be digitalised to provide best education to the poor, he said.

The state government is also making huge investment in healthcare, he said.

The state government is making the Centre's health insurance scheme RSBY universal by paying premium and the beneficiaries would get free treatment for various life style diseases, Issac added.