The price of jasmine flower has crossed Rs.800 a kilogram in Sathyamangalam flower market, from about Rs 150 few days ago, after six months.

Sathyamangalam noted for Jasmine cultivation and it is being cultivated over five thousand acres of land.

Hundreds of merchants from all over Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and part of Karnataka and Kerala will attend the auction condcuted daily, Sathyamangalam Flower Cultivators Association leaders said.

Till November two the Jasmine was sold at Rs.150 a kg. The arrival of the flower has decreased to three tones a day as against 10 to 12 tonnes earlier.

Traders from Kerala quoted Rs 1,0000 a kg for jasmine and procured more than two tones on Saturday.

Local traders and those from Karnataka quoted Rs 850 a kg and purchased all the jasmine flower arrived for sale on Sunday.