Stressing on creation of long-term values, Pepsico boss Indra Nooyi has said a company that "cuts corners" on environment sustainability and fails to invest in future innovations will not stay on for long.

"Performing in the short term is important — you won’t make it to your long-term goals if you don’t deliver results day-to-day," she said during her address at the 50th annual convocation of Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta here on Saturday.

"But a company that fails to invest in future innovations, that cuts corners on environmental sustainability, or short-changes community stakeholders for the sake of a few extra stock points, is not going to make it for long," Nooyi said.

She advised the outgoing batch of management students to "make a lasting impact".

Nooyi, an IIM-C alumnus, said the most successful companies are those that create long-term strategies for employees, shareholders and greater community.

"Businesses today are largely evaluated on their short-term performance, whether quarter to quarter, or year over year. But the most successful companies aren’t those that shine brightly for a few quarters and then quickly burn out," she said

"The most successful companies are the ones that create value over the long term – for employees, for shareholders, and for the greater community," she added.

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