India today said it has independent evidence of Indians having black money in Swiss accounts and Switzerland has promised expeditious sharing of information in this regard.

After meeting his Swiss counterpart Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF) meet, Jaitley said India has independent evidence.

Switzerland has promised it will take expeditious action on the cases.

In October last year, Revenue Secretary Shaktikanta Das had led a team to Switzerland and both sides signed a joint statement of understanding.

"The Swiss have a clear position that we will not give you any information on the basis of stolen data… If you come with stolen data, we will not cooperate. Our position now is that in case — that is an alternate position and not a preferred position," Jaitley said.

"We are eager to give you independent evidence, independent of the fact that names of these people figure in a stolen list. Now on the basis of this independent evidence will you give us information that is what we asked Switzerland," he said.

So they agreed on October 15 that they will give it and they will do it expeditiously, Jaitley said.

"These were the subjects that I discussed with them (Swiss delegation). The Swiss Minister also discussed the issue of economic cooperation," he said.