New Delhi, 7 July
Programmers, developers, designers from across the industry and students from top technical universities in India will gather in Hyderabad for a two-day hacking event.
Over 1,000 developers from across 20 states have signed up to participate in the sixth edition of “Yahoo Hack India” from 13 July, of which 250 best hackers have been selected after an entry-level coding challenge.
“These hackers will now participate in the two-day event which brings forth a series of technical workshops, followed by a nonstop 24-hour coding Hackathon on 13 and 14 July,” a statement said.
For the first time, Yahoo Hack India is being organised in cyber city Hyderabad. This will be Yahoo’s first hacking event in India hosted outside Bangalore, where Yahoo has its second-largest research and development centre.
Due to overwhelming response from developers across India in the last five years, Yahoo had decided to expand this hack events to cover more Indian cities over the next few years.
“This year will see two external hack events by Yahoo! in India, one in Hyderabad and another in Bangalore later in this year. The event brings together programmers, developers, designers from across the industry, start ups and students from the top technical universities,” it said.
“Hackers team up to turn their ideas into a working prototype, or hack, as it’s called in just 24 hours. It gives developers a chance to work together and build applications and product ideas from scratch using market-leading technologies from Yahoo as well as other technologies, to develop something cool that can potentially solve a real-world problem that impacts Internet users,” it said.
The two-day event involves a hacking competition using a great collection of new web tools, services and APIs (application programmable interface), as well as data from around the web.
Yahoo Open Hack was started as an internal event in 2006 at Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale, the USA, with an aim to bring the Yahoo developers together.
So far, Open Hack has been hosted in seven countries.
The first Open Hack in India was hosted way back in 2007, which was attended by 180 developers from in and around Bangalore.