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‘Citizen engagement must to build efficient transport’


Governments must engage with citizens to develop efficient transport infrastructure that meets the urgent challenges facing today’s megacities, said an EY report.

It recommended that governments look to citizen behaviour as the starting point for developing sustainable transport policy.

In the report titled: ‘All change, please: How shifting passenger behaviour can improve mobility in cities’, it said: "Understanding how people use transport networks is an important part of developing more durable solutions as behaviours  toward transport are changing."

Digital innovation enables individuals to manage their own mobility by accessing transit apps, on-demand services and real-time information, and it opens up new travel alternatives such as ride-sharing.

The report states that applying behavioural economics to transport policy planning adopting a citizen-centric approach will offer city leaders valuable insights into delivering efficient services and creating a better urban environment.

"Municipalities can consider a wider, and more nuanced, range of policies designed to nudge citizens out of their caRs. and onto their bikes," said Abhaya Agarwal, Partner and PPP Leader, EY India.