Axis Bank on Wednesday launched a wearable contactless payment device called as, ‘Wear N Pay’. The device is directly linked with customers’ bank account and functions like a regular debit card.

“Axis Bank has become the first bank to introduce a new line of wearable devices that can be incorporated into existing accessories or worn easily to carry out contactless transactions on the go,” the bank said in a statement.

“These devices come in a variety of accessories like band, key chain and watch loop that factor in practical usage and are available at a fee point of Rs 750, making it affordable for customers.”

“This allows purchases to be done at any merchant who accepts contactless transactions. Wear N Pay devices can be purchased via phone banking or at any Axis Bank branch. Non-customers can also enjoy Wear N Pay devices by opening an account either online through Video KYC or by visiting their nearest Axis Bank branch.”

Wear N Pay is designed by Thales and Tappy Technologies, in partnership with the bank. The device is exclusively available on the Mastercard platform.