Book: Yes Sir

Author: Girish Aivalli

Publisher: Grapevine

Pages: 137

Price: Rs195


Charlie- a management trainee pushed into the corporate world is fresh faced and still not accustomed to the maze that this new world is to him. It is in his future boss that he finds a mentor who guides him through the extremely competitive corporate environment. The management trainee soon learns that it is not always the hard work but rather a smart work that makes one shine in today’s cut-throat scenario.


In simple words, Girish Aivalli’s ‘Yes Sir’ is a humorous take on day to day happenings in a corporate office environment. The author has explored the complexities of relations in office. Be it with the boss or with the colleagues.


Funny episodes and hilarious office situations make it a fun read, but certain repetitive puns could surely have been done away with. Picking on a person’s accent is something which is commonly done in day to day situation, but using it as a humorous quotient is where the author should have stayed away from.


Other instances of ‘weird’ characters that make an otherwise boring work day into an interesting one seem genuine and identifiable. The kind of tips and tricks that the managers arm themselves with to wriggle out of tricky situations are hilarious, yet seem true.


The office romances and gossips that go on under the pretext of a ‘tea-break’ also form a good portion of the story.


A light, simple read, the book offers a good insight into the corporate world with a hint of humour that makes the everyday drab work life seem interesting and worth seeing with a fresh perspective.

(Sushmita Kamrupa/