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Tummy Tales: Tell your kids Stories to make them learn

Tummy Tales

The Children’s Book “Tummy Tales”, narrated by a nine-year-old Anahita Bajaj explains her nine-month journey as a baby in her mother’s belly. The story, articulately and imaginatively makes one learn about the various motor functions of different Human body organs and blood cells.

Kids are always curious about their birth and how they came to this world, even if they know that their mother has carried them in their Tummy for nine months, they further have an array number of questions asked. The book can educate a child on various aspects of their entire journey from a fetus to a fully born baby in a very scientific way yet in a playful manner.

Anahita starts her story by telling the reader, I am sure you all know that we babies live in our Mumma’s tummies for nine whole months; but did you know that she actually has her friends inside of her who help her keep us safe, happy and healthy? I bet you didn’t know that! Read along to meet my friends who i met while I was in my mumma’s tummy…”


The most influential physicist of the World Albert Einstein once said,   “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Tummy Tales is a literary collaboration between Anahita and her parents who gave wings to her imagination and encouraged her to observe, think and write. Before COVID disrupted the normal lives and it used to be regular school days for her, her father used to tell her bedtime stories (most of which he would weave out of thin air). One day he asked Ana to tell him one. Out of the blue, she made up a story about her days spent in her Mummy’s tummy. This story session gave birth to ‘Tummy Tales’.

This became a regular story session and she started adding various anecdotes to this story and before they knew it became a nightly ritual for her Dad & her. He loved listening to ‘Tummy Tales’ and he felt that this should be shared with other ‘Dad-Kid’ story partners too.

Anahita Bajaj is a 9-year-old budding writer from Gurgaon, she studies in DPS International School and loves listening to stories, skating, playing the piano, and making her younger sister smile.