Book: The Ethical Doctor
Author: Dr Kamal Mahawar
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Price: Rs 350 
Plagued by scams and malpractices, the ailing medical profession seems to have drawn all medical professionals into a vicious cycle of at least once in their life time. 
Dr Kamal Kumar Mahawar’s- ‘The Ethical Doctor’ is a clean cut narration of the present day scenario of the once referred to as the noble profession—doctors and other medical practitioners. 
The book is divided into small segments of various hurdles that come in a way of smooth and righteously functioning medical profession. The daily battle between ethics and sustaining in the profession is shown as integral to the system as the medical degree. 
The crisp narrative navigates through the practices such as cuts and commissions, unnecessary tests and treatments, a twisted alley of medical recommendations and heavy price that has to be borne out by the patients. 
As the author puts out that healthcare is a part of a more complex global financial industry involving many players many factors come into the play. With such complex structure, has the essence of the medical profession and the sacrosanct medical professionals has taken a turn for the worst? 
The systematic issues that have hollowed the Indian health care according to Dr Mahawar still has a chance to recuperate its health and get back to being what it was earlier—revered profession that served humanity without the stain of corruption. 
The author suggests ample regulatory methods by the medical authority body particularly The Medical Council of India in the country so as to keep those going astray in check and also provide ample technical and financial support to reduce touts that have crept in the system. 
A proper maintenance of a medical-register so as to keep a track on quacks and the blacklisted professionals has also been suggested to mark out the one with false claims. 
The task is daunting and needs to be carried out with diligence but with logical regulations and monitoring the situation can be improved. The collapse of faith in the profession need to be brought into place before it degenerates further. 
The author brings into focus the term “Ethical Doctor” in every sense possible and also lists out the constraints that bound those who are not willingly at fault. The ethical code of conduct cannot be dictated nor can it be scaled but a genuine sense of patient care and honest professionals form the basis of the medical profession.