After having witnessed incidents of violence that rocked the north campus of Delhi University recently, Ramjas College is reportedly mulling special gates,  similar to automated fare collection (AFC) gates at metro stations, that will allow only authorised persons entry into the college. Every student will be provided with an I-card with an electronic chip embedded in it to enure only bona fide students enter through the main gate.
Principal of Ramjas College PC Tulsian said the gate would open only after reading an I-card installed with an electronic chip and would automatically close once the user had passed through. He said this was to “restrict the entry of outsiders” and ensure safety and security inside the campus.  Tulsian said the college was in contact with vendors who could install such a system and was working on how to proceed with the plan. “We may be facing several hurdles like what if someone else makes entry using a different person’s card. Hence we are also thinking of linking the whole system to a biometric system to ensure more accuracy,” he said.
Unscrupulous elements forcefully entering college premises to create disturbance is not uncommon in Delhi University. Granting entry only to authorised persons, it is felt, would keep a check on eve-teasing and stalking on the campus.
A DU teacher said such a system should be applied for teachers also though it may be face strong resistance from some quarters.
Many students welcomed the move saying that it would set an example for other colleges.