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Of dreams and those who dare to chase them

IANS | New Delhi |


While all of us aspire to achieve certain goals in life, not everybody succeeds. Here comes a new book that attempts to unravel the many unknown facets that lead us on our journey to follow our dreams — quite a compelling read.

Savi Sharma's novel "This is Not Your Story," (Westland/Rs 175/226 pages) advances some strong facts and consequences that one faces in the course of chasing a dream. It should be no surprise for readers that the author herself gave up her CA studies to follow her dream — writing.

"I was pursuing CA and had to clear just the finals. But the story of (two of my friends) Meera and Vivaan (transposed into the book) saw me take a break. The more I got involved in the entire process, the more I found the true me. Finally, I let go my career as CA to become a writer. I realised I didn't want to write numbers but stories. Writing was something which gave clarity of thought to my mind and heart," Sharma told IANS in an email interview.

The author said that she hopes to see her stories being adapted into movies in the next few years. "It would be great to pen down four or five more books and possibly see a couple of them being made into movies. Besides, l would like to complete my secret list of 100 wishes in the next five years," she added.

"This is Not Your Story" is all about three youngsters of varied situation and with different ambitions. It begins with Shaurya sharing his dream with his parents for the first time but not sure what their reaction would be. While Shaurya wants to become a filmmaker, his parents believe it is not the right path for people like them, as they belong to a middle-class family. They want him to pursue Chartered Accountancy.

On the other hand, Anubhav convinced his parents and left for Mumbai to obtain an MBA towards fulfilling his dream to build his own business empire. Meanwhile Miraya, the most mystifying character, comes to Jaipur, struggling with her own distressing past.

After a point of time, these characters find each other. Then the story takes an interesting turn as Shaurya decides to follow his dream and Miraya and Anubhav fall in love and decide to get married.

The manner in which the author links up these three characters at different points of time is interesting, narrating how they bravely overcome their fears and move on in their life to achieve all that they want.

"I prefer to write inspiring fiction, contemporary and romance fiction. In future, I would like to write about spirituality, self-help, positivity," Sharma said.

"My dream mission is to inspire and touch millions of hearts. That's a long way to go. As I said, I have 100 secret dreams yet to be completed," she added.