Jadavpur University admissions: Jadavpur University will not conduct any admission tests in the departments of science for undergraduate admission this year. The admission tests will only be conducted for arts subjects and 50:50 ratio of admission test score and plus 2 results will be followed.

According to university sources, earlier this year Mathematics and Physics department had said they would conduct admission tests, but during Tuesday’s meeting with the departments, the university authorities decided not to go with the admission test procedure for science subjects.

A university official said, “Many departments are not ready to conduct admission tests in this limited time, so the committee rejected the idea of conducting admission tests for science departments. We have decided to conduct entrance tests in the arts department and give equal weightage to plus 2 results and admission test.”

Both the decisions will be finalised after the executive council decides on it. After last year’s admission fiasco in the humanities departments, the university set up a two-member committee.

The committee was given authority to fix responsibility and decide on a formula for admissions. It had given recommendation of following a 50:50 weightage of plus 2 marks and admission test marks. Mathematics and Physics department had earlier said they would hold admission tests.

But other departments said that they cannot conduct admission tests within this short time. Finally, the committee decided there would be no admission tests for science departments.