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To get the required edge

Ramesh Batlish |

As education advances, the need to accommodate ramp up procedures is the call of the hour, especially when it comes to JEE or other critical exam preparations. India is a land based on laurels of merit, where becoming an engineer/ doctor/ banker/ CA is of utmost respect and hence cracking exams like JEE/ NEET/ CPT/Civil services is necessary.

In today’s cut throat competitive environment, striving for excellence requires quality in everything you do.

This is the attitude that tends to separate the achievers, who make rapid strides in their career from others. While self-study can aid to a limited extent, students need guidance from professionals outside the school environment, to get the required edge.

This is when the importance of good coaching centres can be touched among the students and parents. The role of such institutes in shaping the career of students stands parallel to the support provided at school level. It is common to develop a gap in the education being imparted and the implementation of it in real life, when one looks at the quality of lessons doled out in school.

This gap is bridged through a hands-on approach to lessons, something that every coaching class/institute/centre conveys. Beyond this, here are four main benefits of seeking guidance from coaching institutes:

  • Guidance: One of the biggest advantages of opting for coaching institutes has to be the guidance and mentorship provided by the faculty. They have prior knowledge regarding the competitive exams and are able to guide aspirants accordingly towards success. Here, the faculty helps students hone their skills and transform their weaknesses into strengths. For competitive examinations, study without proper mentoring is half the battle lost as students tend to get waylaid in the process of preparedness. Coaching institutes nudge them back into the right path.
  • Study material: While the books provided by the school are similar, irrespective of the boards- study material of coaching institutes differ in the intensity and variety of education imparted. The material provided by them is designed by experts after thorough study and detailed analysis of syllabus and current exam pattern. They are more likely to cover topics on the basis of their importance in the exam and help aspirants take up targeted approach to crack them. Study materials drafted under the guidance of experts follow an innovative approach providing solutions to problems.
  • Time management and discipline: For aspirants, who are just starting out in the field of competitive exams, it is often difficult to manage time and exhibit necessary dexterity needed to ace the exam. Coaching institutes aid them in slotting time on the basis of the difficulty level they are likely to encounter. The amount of discipline imparted by such reputed halls of learning helps aspirants imbibe good qualities in life, too.
  • Motivation: It is common for students to get stuck as one keeps on solving a particular type of problem on a daily basis- something that every exam preparation comes with. Redundancy is a silent killer that annihilates the feeling of a positive outcome amongst aspirants and hence preparation becomes dreary and most likely to get aspirants demotivated.

Coaching institutes are found to bring back the required zeal of learning through their innovative pedagogy that makes even the most mundane lesson interesting. They help aspirants build up the required confidence to not only emerge victorious in their target exams but also in life. Excellence is about stepping outside the comfort zone, accepting the certainty of trials and turbulences and learning tricks from the experts to overcome the hurdles on the way.

When these circumstances are in place, learning takes off, knowledge escalates, and performance soars. Coaching centres play a vital role in students’ lives as they not only help such students realise their dreams, but also infuse them with required zeal to fructify their tedious journey towards excellence.

(The writer is head, FIITJEE, Noida)