For those who love reading, books are a favourite companion. Wherever we go, we carry one along.
If not, we look for a book stall or a seller so that we can buy one. We bibliophiles love to be surrounded with books.
Imagine a place where there are hundreds and thousands of books and you are standing right in the middle.
There are such heavenly places and markets in Delhi where you can breathe in the fragrance of old book pages, in all forms, hardbound and paperback and soothe the hunger for books.
Here is the list of places that you can visit this weekend.
Sunday Market (Daryaganj, Old Delhi)
It is a book market on the pavement that offers books of all the genres.
Kitaab Bazaar or Sunday Market is held every Sunday. Gear up with running shoes and workout clothes because it is a race to pick your copy first before you lose it to someone else.
Nayi Sadak (Old Delhi)
Situated in Old Delhi, this place has a number of book stalls where you can buy old and new books of all genres. If there is a book that you are unable to find, this place will not disappoint you.
A walk at Janpath will make you see little book shops and stalls where both old and new books are sold and exchanged. So if you are looking for a place to give away old books and buy some new in return, then this should be your weekend destination.
Connaught Place
Walking around in various blocks at CP, many booksellers can be seen selling new and old books on the pavement, in the corridor or at a kiosk. A stall near PVR and one in F-block can be chosen to buy books less than 200 bucks.
Paharganj Market
Jackson Bookshop is known as the backpackers’ ghetto in the bazaar of Paharganj. It offers books left behind by foreign travellers who leave behind books to cut down luggage. A huge variety of books are available here. If you’re looking for multilingual books, this is the right place to find. This bookshop specialises in selling books in around 30 languages, including French, German, Italian, Spanish and Hebrew.
This is the list of places, out of which you can choose a place and set yourself free on a shopping spree to take home books to read and love.