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Empower your education system with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is nothing but an advancement in technology. It’s a backend algorithm that programs machines to emulate human behavior and actions

Dev Roy | New Delhi |

When discussing artificial intelligence, we form pictures of hi-tech machines and robots that are as efficient as the human mind. Amidst all this, the basic fact that AI is nothing but an advancement in technology is forgotten. In scientific terms, AI is a backend algorithm that programs machines to emulate and extend human behavior and actions.

Today, AI has left no sector untouched by its innovations and novelty. Its contributions to the educational sector, especially, have been most beneficial because education forms the basis of all knowledge and progress. Therefore, empowering and updating educational systems with AI has resulted in better impartment of knowledge and thorough and worthy evaluation of assessments by making them less of a blackbox. All this leads to the holy grail in education, a differentiated mode of instructions wherein each child is taught at their pace and re-mediated at for their weakness and not a class average one.

AI in education has opened the doors for a deeper understanding of both what knowledge is required, what’s the best way to acquire it and what impediments are preventing it from being acquired. For example, if a child is unable to grasp the concept of fractions, the system can look at whether the child was absent when that concept was taught, whether the teacher has historically had issues teaching this concept or whether the child is weak in prerequisites that would help him understand the concept.

AI and global learning ecosystems

Artificial intelligence, with its digital and dynamic nature, is progressing at an accelerated pace. A profound impact is also seen on the nature of services within the education sector. For instance, the introduction of tutoring apps, which use data to provide better support and information for students, have replaced the dependency of students on their parents and teachers for guidance and tuitions.

Today, students can fetch filtered and updated content and unbiased information that is independent of barriers like region, language, accessibility, and affordability. Truly technology has democratized access while AI has personalized it.

Thus, we can conclude that the use of AI in the education sector, especially at the school level, has not only helped in easing the administrative burden but has transformed the realm of teaching and learning as well. With AI, it has become possible to explore more and discover the vast depths of the education sector effectively.