The aim of the political system in independent India should be the all-round development of the individual and society as projected in the vision of Mahatma Gandhi. It would be possible only by making basic education compulsory for all.

The course curriculum should be meticulously designed with the aim to prepare a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious society of individuals or families as a unit, free of any exploitation, addiction, adulteration, starvation, corruption, pollution and suffering.

Individuals should be trained not only in intellectual traits and in prevalent technology, but also focus on their skill development in craft in the domain of their natural inclination. There should be special emphasis on the spiritual and emotional well-being of the individual and evolving of the inner consciousness.

The development of individuals with humane values exhibited as humility towards all, with special care for downtrodden, animals, the diseased, and environment should be the goal. Practical training for a fixed period by working in remote areas should be made mandatory for the graduation degree, in the areas of defence, industry, disaster management, cleanliness, health, nutrition, environment or naturopathy.

It should be counted as necessary while awarding any university or college degree and should be given the utmost importance while making their selection or placement to the top-most positions in any institution of social importance, whether it be administrative, judicial, academic or political positions.

Also in the domain of research and development, there should be an exhaustive list of broad area of research topics which should be prepared and approved by the competent government agencies as per the need of society at that particular time. Only those research projects should be sanctioned with financial aid from government agencies from this list which propose easily implementable solutions towardsthe goal of a self-reliant, peaceful, prosperous and healthy society in which its inhabitants are free from mundane problems and suffering.

The acceptable solution should be always that which addresses a problem by reaching out to the root-cause and suggest easy ways to eradicate that root-cause on a permanent basis. All our efforts should be directed towards the development of a prosperous, healthy, peaceful, natural environment in which every individual may easily work for the ultimate truth by self-realisation.

farming, deep ecological and ethical considerations should be given adequate stress for developing compassion toward all including land, water and air. The present day education is only leading to stress and suicides and giving rise to crass consumerism. Capitation fees, extra tuitions and choosing careers with the sole aim of earning handsomely are playing havoc with our youth's psyche. Extremely unhealthy competition among children is producing jealousy and prejudice within well-knit groups of friends.It is high time that education is given a much needed healing touch.

The writer is associate professor, Zakir Hussain Delhi College, University of Delhi.