There is a combo of ‘stress and study’ for school students appearing in the final examinations in next few days. The students are facing a tremendous pressure of ‘syllabus deadlines’ and ‘performance’ and often neglecting their health at the expense of it.

According to doctors, due to the extreme pressure it has become difficult for the students to maintain a healthy lifestyle during exam preparations. They further said that lack of proper diet may lead to stress, poor mood, illness and fatigue less. Even, they have suggested the students to go for one hour physical exercise session every day to keep them active and energetic.

“Health should be the first priority of the students as well as parents. The students should eat healthy as possible, aiming for at least four servings of fruit and five servings of vegetables every day,” says Dietitian Shreya, Post graduate in nutrition and Dietetics from PGIMER, Chandigarh.

“Parents should help their children manage their stress by involving them into creative daily habits or pattern that will help them make their day more smoother and which is eventually help alleviate stress. The pressure of time they are studying is heavily contributing to stress. Try encouraging your students to ask for help. Make them realise that there no shame in asking for help,” added Dietician Shreya.

Vanshika Gupta, a class XII student of Ryan International School says, "At present I am seeking my career in Accounts and Economics and have consecutive guiding classes and the amount of pressure we students are experiencing. My family has a considerable measure of trust from me, I have a minimal distinctive arrangement of the objective as from my profession. So with everything taken into account it is a crazy ride for me."

The schedule during the broad times can be hectic, according to the experts, students should sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Sleep deprivation can affect all aspects of the student’s life. Students have the tendency to skip their breakfast. According to Dr Shreya, “Skipping breakfast is not good for health. The breakfast, acts like a fuel, which help them in providing the energy. Parents should push their students to eat healthy and work out as well.”

Saloni Sharma, another class XII student says, “Being a sport person, it is difficult for me to take out some time for my outdoor activity. With the exams on head, I have lost the touch of enjoying the sport. My schedule is pretty much tight and same, early morning waking up, going to school, coming back heading to my coaching classes which needs late around 9 pm. Then returning home and revising and this circle goes on.”