For over 12 lakh aspirants across the country is gearing up for JEE, which is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Though one must have already gone through diligent preparations, assessments, and would have gained as much knowledge as possible from a wide variety of sources, we offer some advice which might help in the last minute preparation.

First, the distribution of marks is tending towards uniformity in chemistry across important topics. When we look at subject-wise distribution, in physics, last year, more weightage was given to Class +2. And math has always been favouring Class XI. Now, if we look at the difficulty level, it has increased over the course of three years and that is clear from the cut-off as well. In 2014, the cut off was 115, in 2015, it was 105, and last year with the prediction of most institutes in the 90s, the cut off was 100. 

This year, considering that Class +2 marks will not be considered for ranks, the cut off is expected to rise a little. You can consider the following points to decide the result at the end of May.

Those who have not dedicatedly studied previous year papers– do analyse the previous three years paper (by solving it completely) and get an idea of the topics on which questions are asked frequently and the pattern of these questions.

Solve topic wise questions on these topics. Focus more on questions which have asked in the previous years. CBSE has a habit of repeating questions or type of questions every year.

Keeping that in mind, solve at least one full length paper every day. While solving these papers, mark the questions you are absolutely sure of. Basically, don’t guess. You need to find out where you stand and how many marks you are going score. Maximise that score.

Make concise notes on these topics and revise them every day. Try to recall all the major equations and formulas when you wake up. The reason is JEE asks a lot of questions which are directly fact based or formula based. Having them at your tips can save a lot of time and get you a lot of marks.

A few topics which we generally don’t focus on and are very important are: modern physics and semiconductors, waves and SHM in physics, chemical bonding and P block in chemistry. Last year, chemistry gave highest weightage to inorganic even though we spend a lot of time on physical and organic.

Maths has repeated its pattern for at least three years now and it won’t be wrong to assume that it won’t be repeated this year. So focus on easy topics such as coordinate and 3D and topics of algebra.

Above everything, keep a healthy schedule and avoid stress. Do activities that you enjoy, daily, as it will help you stay in a healthy and sharp mind-set.

The writer is Head- JEE exam preparation community, Gradeup