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Sonal Sehgal lifts the veil off the dark!

SNS | New Delhi |

Fairness creams have been a topic of discussion in Bollywood, lately. It all started with a politician’s comment on the skin colour of South Indians about which he later apologised. The incident was followed by a lot of campaigns being run on national television to ban fairness creams.

Several actors like Taapsee Pannu, Randeep Hooda took to social platforms to urge people not to endorse or even advertise such creams, as they spread a wrong message. Actor Abhay Deol grabbed headlines when he dragged all the A-listers of Bollywood in his post for endorsing fairness products. He even indulged in a word-war with actress Sonam Kapoor for his comment on people endorsing fairness products. Although the B-towners might not have liked it, the actor got a huge support from the twitteratis.

Seeing this ‘fairness’ war happening around, actress Sonal Sehgal decided to wipe off the dust from her clothe.

In 2003, Sonal stepped into the world of glamour expecting to make a flourishing career in Mumbai. She got her first chance to feature on television, when she was offered to endorse a fairness product.

The actor who debuted in Nagesh Kukunoor’ Aashayein is now feeling sorry for endorsing a fairness product many years ago.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Sonal explained why she chose to endorse a beauty product and what followed after that.

“Everybody congratulated me on having landed such a plum assignment.The money was good enough to pay for my entire year's rent. That was it. I was sorted. I didn't think beyond that," the actress wrote.

The actress also explained how she realised that she has done something wrong by endorsing such a product, when her domestic help questioned about it.

"I suddenly realised how I had failed her. Her and millions of beautiful dark skinned women across the country who now believed that I am fair skinned because I use these creams! Without me realising I had become part of a mafia undermining the self-esteem of beautiful dusky Indian women, “she added.

The actress also released her short film titled Dancing in the dark, which is about the problems a dark-skinned person faces because of the unabashed endorsements of the skin-lightening products.

"This short film was not just about me, It was to urge the society to wake up to some deep rooted prejudices and the actors, models, who endorse skin lightening products to reflect on the choices they have made, “ Sonal wrote in a follow-up post on Facebook.

The video can be watched below: