The controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss Season 12 has managed to grab the attention of viewers. While the season is at its peak now, there is no end to the new dramas happening every day.

On Sunday, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan along with actor Sushant Singh Rajput graced the show and made contestants do a fun task. During the task, Romil was angry after contestants named him the ehsaan-faramosh (one who does not acknowledge favours) of the house.

Romil was tied to the Wheel of Misfortune, and for safety, Sara offered glasses to protect his eyes from the water balloons, but he angrily refused. Romil replied: “Koi nahi madam meri aankhen hai. Laggaya to lag gaya.” Sara’s response was: “Hadh hai.”

And that was not the end. Before leaving the house, the actors and housemates danced to tune of Sweetheart from their film Kedarnath but Romil refused to join.

Meanwhile, Romil’s behaviour drew criticism and audience trolled him on social media.

Here are some of the reactions.

Coming back to the game, there was no elimination last week. The housemates who have been nominated for this week are Megha, Dipika, Jasleen, Romil and Deepak.