The weekend special is back and host Salman Khan is all set to evict the defaulters identified from the past week.  

Today’s episode featured a guest appearance by Govinda. The actor was there to promote his upcoming film Fryday. He shook a leg with his Partner co-star Salman Khan, and also interacted with the contestants and played a few games.   

Read further to know what happened on Day 19.  


‘Keechad’ or ‘chandan’ task  

The inmates of the house are asked to either apply mud or sandalwood on the cutouts of fellow contestants, Surbhi Rana and Romil Choudhary.  

Dipika, Sreesanth and Srishty choose to put mud on Surbhi’s cutout whereas Shivashish and Urvashi apply sandalwood on her cutout.   


Salman Khan’s take on performances by contestants  

1. Host Salman Khan urges Sreesanth to be active in the house and not to give up easily. He also asks him not to leave the game just because there are girls     too.

2. Dipika justifies her allegation against Nehha, as she finds her captaincy task  to be unfair. She remarks Nehha was biased during the captaincy task, as she disqualified Somi without any reason but didn’t say a word to Surbhi.   


Nehha Pendse is sent to torture room   

Following her biased captaincy task, Salman Khan asks fellow contestants to nominate the culprit of the week and they jointly announce Nehha’s name.  


Deepak and Sourabh fight  

Deepak argues with Sourabh over the ring task and complains that he didn’t let him speak about Shivashish’s cheating in the task.   

As the argument gets heated up, Sourabh tries to justify himself.