Bigg Boss 12 contestants are trying all the possible ways to keep themselves in the game. From pointing out each other’s weaknesses to clearing thier own images, the contestants are leaving no stone unturned.
Let’s see what happened inside the house on Day 96:

Romil caught napping

Romil, who has often been warned not to sleep during the daytime, is caught napping again. Bigg Boss rings the alarm to wake him up. Even after that, he goes to the bathroom and doses off. After being caught again, he gets irritated and denies that he was sleeping.


Former Bigg Boss contestants Manu and Pritam enter the house for a special task. The housemates are asked to choose among themselves three people who are most mannerless, irritating and have double standards. Thereafter, the three chosen contestants will be thrown into jail. The contestants decide the results through voting and chose Karanvir, Surbhi and Deepak to get punished.

Surbhi breaks down

Surbhi breaks into tears while talking about the current situation in the house. During the family week, most of the family members of the contestants point out Surbhi’s bad behaviour. Surbhi talks to Karanvir and Romil about how she has been facing negativity for a long time.

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