As the finale is drawing closer, the contestants have started making tough decisions forgetting all the bonds. And it seems the “brother-sister” bond between Sreesanth and Dipika Kakar is also disappearing.

Let’s see what happened on Day 93:

Sreesanth vs Karanvir:

Sreesanth and Karanvir get into a verbal spat after KV calls Sree a cheat. And after Dipika saves KV in the task, the former cricketer gets upset with Dipika and avoids any conversation with her. Sree calls KV dramebaaz and says he lied about his leg. To end the heated war of words, KV says they avoid each other until the finale.

Karanvir’s opinion on Dipika:

Surbhi supports Dipika and defends her, while KV supports Deepak. Surbhi says Dipika is not fake at all. To this, Karanvir says Dipika has never kept her own point of view, didn’t make any bond and has played under someone. Reacting to all this, Dipika proudly says she has always played for herself and is proud of her bond with Sreesanth.

Somi in dilemma:

Somi is in a big problem as she is stuck between Surbhi and Romil and can’t decide who to save. Surbhi tries to convince her but let’s see who she saves in Wednesday’s episode.

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