In today’s episode there were arguments over deciding the contestants for kaalkothri punishment. After all allegations and arguments, finally the contestants are finalised.

Let’s see what happened today:

Kaalkothri nominations:

Bigg Boss announces to choose the best performer from the previous task. After all discussions, Sreesanth is termed the best performer. Bigg Boss gives a special power to Sreesanth to choose one name every time a gong is rung, he sends Romil first and then Rohit. Deepak is the last man sent for the punishment.

Eviction task:

BB asks contestants to choose from the nominated contestant—Romil, Karanvir and Somi — who they think doesn’t deserve to stay in the house. Expect Surbhi, everyone names Rohit while Surbhi names Karanvir. As the task gets completed, Bigg Boss announces that it is going to be interesting if Rohit gets evicted tomorrow.

Karanvir anger with Surbhi:

Karanvir is upset with Surbhi as she thinks he should be evicted. Surbhi says she thinks he is a competitor and a strong player because of his fan following. She says she has respect for him but it’s a competition and she has to make her way to victory by kicking him out. On the other hand, Karanvir tells Somi that Surbhi uses people for her benefit — first Romil and now Rohit.

Tomorrow will be interesting as it is Weekend ka Vaar with Salman Khan and Bauaa aka Shah Rukh Khan.

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