Today’s episode in the Bigg Boss house started on a bad note, after Deepak and Megha got into an ugly fight during which the latter spat at Deepak. This definitely made the environment inside the house tense.

Let’s see what else happened inside the Bigg Boss house on Day 68:

The squabble continues

The war of words between Deepak and Megha turns ugly as both of them cross their lines by talking about each other’s character. Megha goes on to spit on Deepak. Bigg Boss then schools Megha for her ill behaviour and warns Deepak against questioning any woman’s character.

Sreesanth backs up Dipika

Surbhi and Dipika have a miscommunication after the latter reminds her that they supported her. The house then gets divided into two warring factions. Deepak who was supporting Surbhi gets involved in a verbal duel with Sreesanth who was supporting Dipika.

Jasleen goes to jail

Megha is punished for misbehaving with Deepak and sent to jail. An issue arises when Jasleen is also sent to jail and Dipika questions Surbhi’s judgement. Surbhi, who is the current captain, is accused of saving her friends.

Rohit too ends up in jail

Rohit steals a bottle of Appy Fizz because Srishty wasn’t feeling well and lands in trouble. Bigg Boss sends him to jail for stealing and Jasleen and Megha are most amused to witness it.

In the Weekend ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan will school Deepak and Megha for abusing and misbehaving in the house.

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