In yesterday’s task, Romil was appointed as the Appy Fizz captain. Today, the captain had to select three contestants for Kaalkothri which will play a big role in next week’s eliminations.

Let’s see what else happened in the Bigg Boss house on Day 61:

Rohit mends ties with Srishty:

Rohit leaves a sorry note on Srishty’s bed as she is still angry with him, which he thinks is cute. Srishty and Rohit sort out things between them but Srishty still feels something is fishy.

Kaalkothri time:

Bigg Boss asks Romil to name three names for Kaalkothri and he sends Megha first, which makes her angry. She protests that she hasn’t got the chance to save herself.

Surbhi’s outburst:

Surbhi breaks down after Romil takes her name and starts crying. Somi tries to explain but Surbhi continues her rant in English, when Bigg Boss announces that housemates can only speak in Hindi. Surbhi refuses to pay heed to the announcement. Surbhi continues to abuse and Romil argues with her.

Bigg Boss’s trump card:

Romil takes Shivashish’s name and he defends himself. Surbhi gets angry about Romil not even sending her to jail. Amid all this, Sreesanth tells Bigg Boss that this house is not the place for him. Shivashish still refuses to go and Bigg Boss announces to follow the captain’s decision. Bigg Boss says that Shivashish is not obeying the instruction so he nominates all contestants, except Romil, for next week and asks Romil to get Megha out of jail.

Housemates against Shivashish and Sreesanth:

Somi and Deepak taunt Shivashish who then apologises to others. Somi gets angry at him. Dipika agrees with her and says she should have listened to Bigg Boss. Even Sreesanth faces the heat as they didn’t made Shiv understand. Sreesanth gets angry seeing Dipika too blaming him.

Luxury budget task:

There are two teams. From Team A, Romil will play the game and Rohit will represent Team B. The event is Gariner Man of the Day. As Romil wins, Team A will get the luxury budget.

Tommrrow is ‘Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan’ and contestants will face the allegations made by the others contestants.

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