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Bigg Boss 12, Day 39, October 26: Sreesanth calls Bigg Boss ‘worst show’

Sreesanth doesn’t accept the punishment and says he didn’t do anything wrong so why will he go.

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The Bigg Boss house sees twists and turns each day and today was no different. The captaincy task continued between Deepak and Megha. Yesterday, the task saw a bitter turn, prompting the third competitor Somi Khan and quit the task.

Who will be the captain? Will it be the wild card entry Megha or Deepak? Let’s see what happened in the Bigg Boss house on Day 39.

Deepak new captain of the house

Rohit feeds chili sauce to Megha and forces her to leave the captaincy task. She pukes and has a breakdown and Dipika tells her that everyone respects her the way she has performed for the task.

To end the captaincy task, Megha offers a deal to Romil and tells him if they will support her during the next captaincy she will leave the task right way. Romil tells the same to Surbhi and she completely denies it. Megha leaves he task and says she offered this deal just to get a clarity that who is supporting her. And Deepak becomes the new captain of the house.

Distribution of duties

Deepak calls everyone for the distribution of duties, but Srishty, Shivashish and Anup decide that they have to spoil his captaincy. Deepak says to Surbhi that everyone will make his captaincy a difficult task.

Dipika breaks down as Deepak is not behaving properly with Urvashi. On the other hand, Srishty tells Karanvir that Sreesanth was ready to boycott Deepak, but he changed his mind at the last moment.

Kaalkothri drama begins

Shivashish nominates Romil, Rohit nominates Sreesanth and Saba nominates Shivashish for Kaalkothri. Bigg Boss gives Deepak a special advantage to save one nominated contestant and nominate another one. He saves Romil and nominates Jasleen for using bad words against Surbhi during the task.

Sreesanth denies kaalkothri punishment

Sreesanth doesn’t accept the punishment and says he didn’t do anything wrong so why will he go. The reason given is that he showed the middle finger again this week. Sree is angry with housemates for choosing him for the punishment.

Shiv convinces Sree to go to the jail, and he agrees to that. But he breaks the house rules by communicating in English and puts away his mic and calls Bigg Boss the worst show ever.

Tomorrow would be interesting as its Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan and once again the contestants will get their weekly dose.

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