Each day there is new drama happening in the BB house, and with two wildcard entries, there is even more drama now. In today’s episode, Big Boss gives captaincy task to the contestants and wildcard entry Megha Dhade can be seen creating differences between housemates.

Let’s see what happens in the Bigg Boss house on Day 36:

Megha chats up with contestants

Megha and Karanvir talk about the house, and Megha says it is not important to just keep the house shiny clean but to shine your personality too. She asks him to learn from his mistakes.

Shivashish warns and says they are just players, but Megha has been a player who has won. Somi says Medha already has a vote bank.

Megha tells housemates that Dipika and Sreesanth are loyal to each other and are emotionally attached too. To this, Romil calls Dipika and Sreesanth the Vikas and Shilpa of the show.

BB poultry farm

Megha and Karanvir will be shopkeepers of the farm and the rest will compete against each other. One contestant who picks up eggs can demand the statue of other contestants whom they want to get evicted.

  • Shivashish destroys Romil’s statue
  • Srishty destroys Shivashish’s statue
  • Deepak destroys Sreesanth’s statue
  • Surbhi destroys Jasleen’s statue
  • Deepak destroys Dipika’s statue

Trouble in task

In the middle of the task, Karanvir promises Deepak that he will make sure Urvashi gets captaincy this time. Karanvir openly admits if he wins the task he will give it to Urvashi. Saba and Somi try to instigate Deepak and asks him to play for himself and not others. After all this Urvashi says she is playing for herself in the game which makes Deepak upset. While yelling at Somi, Urvashi tells her she is weak without her sister Saba.

The day ends here and tomorrow will be interesting to watch how Urvashi will take a stand for herself and go against Deepak.

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