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Bigg Boss 12, Day 34, October 21: Saurabh evicted; Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti enter the house

Salman Khan announces that two wild card contestants—Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti — will enter Bigg Boss house.

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Bigg Boss Season 12 contestants have been entertaining us from Day One. In yesterdays’ episode we saw Salman Khan supported Surbhi and said she was innocent and that she didn’t smoke inside bathroom.

In today’s episode, we will see Sreesanth, Dipika and Srishty defend Bhunveshwari, Shoaib and Manish as Dibang will level accusations.

Let’s see what happens in the Bigg Boss house on Day 34.

Karanvir’s family video

Salman Khan starts the show by singing the Selfish song from Race 3. As Karanvir is safe from today’s elimination, he gets to watch his family’s video. His wife Teejay Sindhu is upset that he gives up way too easily and asks him to be strong.

Shoaib for Dipika

Salman puts Shoiab in a spot as he is asked to support his wife Dipika and he admits that she is playing the game very cunningly. The captaincy task between Srishty and Saba is also discussed. Srishty’s fiancé calls Dipika manipulative and a player. On the other hand, Sreesanth’s wife Bhuvneshwari is upset as Dipika takes Sreesanth’s name for elimination.

Manish for Srishty

Manish defends Srishty, says she is a person who reacts very less. If the discussion is not for her, she keeps her opinion to herself.

Bhuvneshwari for Sreesanth

Sreesanth is accused of getting emotional all the time. To this, his wife Bhuvneshwari says he is living the game and not playing it as he is a very emotional person. Salman says Sreesanth is very disrespectful towards some housemates to which his wife says it seems like this because of his language. Bhuvneshwari defends all the allegations against Sree.

Sultani Akhada—Romil vs Sreesanth

Romil begins the session by saying that unlike Sreesanth he never gives up. Sreesanth explains that he is an emotional person. To this, Romil says he is fake and he is doing it to get attention. Sreesanth wins the verbal duel round. And then in the next round, Romil and Sree are asked to try to disbalance each other one using a prop. Romil wins this round and Salman declares Romil as the winner of Sultani Akhada for this week.

Eviction time

Salman reveals Saba Khan, Jasleen Matharu and Urvashi are safe from this week’s eviction. And Saurabh is eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

Wildcard entry

Salman Khan announces that two wild card contestants—Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti — will enter Bigg Boss house.

Tomorrow will be interesting as new drama will be unfolded as the wild card contestants will enter the house.