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Bigg Boss 12, Day 33, October 20: Surbhi is innocent, says Salman Khan

Salman asks Sreesanth if his plan of putting Surbhi in jail for successful or not. Surbhi clarifies that she didn’t smoke inside the bathroom.

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Bigg Boss Season 12 is seeing new drama and twists every day. In the last episode,!we saw Dipika, Sreesanth and Surbhi went to kalkothri. Today is ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ with Salman Khan and he will give the contestants his weekly dose.

Let’s see what happens in the Bigg Boss house on Day 33.

Salman Khan gives advice to Sreesanth

Salman starts off with funny session and asks Romil about his secret which was that he fell in love at first sight and he realised that he fell in love with a man later. Salman congratulated Shivashish for winning the task and becoming the captain of the house. He even clears the misunderstanding between Saba and Deepak.

Salman asks Sreesanth why he didn’t perform the task and Sreesanth clarifies he had 12 surgeries in his toe. Surbhi interrupts and says Sreesanth spoils the atmosphere of the house and is seeking attention in the house. Salman tries to tell Sreesanth that he should not give up the task as he is a cricketer and people look up to him.

Surbhi is innocent

Salman questions the contestants why they behave different when Sree gets angry and not when Surbhi loses her temper. To this, Jasleen jumps in and clarifies she feels afraid of Surbhi as she even abuses everyone while they try to pacify her.

Salman asks Sreesanth if his plan of putting Surbhi in jail for successful or not.  Surbhi clarifies that she didn’t smoke inside the bathroom and Salman even shows the clip. And Salman clarifies that Surbhi didn’t smoke in the bathroom.

Fizz caller

The Fizz caller questions Jasleen why she has formed a group with people who have less performance on screen. Jasleen says she is not making a strategy of forming a group in the house and is playing for herself.

Sreesanth once again angry with Dipika

After all the arguments, Salman Khan asks the housemates to name the contestant who broke all the rules in this week. The maximum numbers of votes go to Surbhi and she will be tortured in the torture room. Surbhi refuses and says she is vegetarian and can’t take punishment and Romil takes it up instead of her.

Karanvir and Srishty are safe from the eviction for this week. Once again, Sreesanth is very much angry with Dipika as she made peace with Surbhi after all the drama.

Salman announces that the eviction will take place tomorrow. It will be interesting to watch Sreesanth’s wife and Dipika’s husband taking stand for their partner outside the house in tomorrow’s episode.

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