While everyone outside is in a celebratory mood, the Bigg Boss house contestants are doing all it takes to reach the finale. In today’s episode, the house is turned into a hotel and the contestants are to attend to the guests. The winners of the task are then given a privilege to appeal for votes from the audience.
Let’s see what happened inside the house:
Hina Khan enters the house
Former Bigg Boss contestant Hina Khan entered the house as the first guest while it’s turned into a hotel. The actress enquires who is the laziest and gets to know from the housemates that it is Romil. She goes on to command Romil to clean the jail and then targets Deepak. Hina asks him to stand inside the pool and sing for her. She also questions him for mocking her previously. The former Bigg Boss contestant doesn’t stop just there; she asks him to do squats and when he fails Hina instructs Deepak to shave off half of his beard. Hina gives Romil the opportunity to request the viewers to vote for him.
Sreesanth wins the second round
In the next round, actress Juhi Parmar enters the Bigg Boss house and Karanvir becomes the next guest. She straightaway goes on to give Romil a task and asks him to make coffee. Karanvir, who has already hidden the coffee asks Romil to make coffee for him also. Juhi gets annoyed by the interference and punishes Romil. The actress then asks Romil to point out why Surbhi should be a winner. As Juhi leaves the house, she announces Sreesanth the winner for maintaining his character throughout.
Surbhi irks Sreesanth
Deepak gets the opportunity to become the next guest. He instructs Surbhi to make tea for him and serve it in Sreesanth’s cup, which was given by his family. Surbhi attempts to convince Sreesanth but he refuses to give his cup. The former picks up a fight with Sreesanth and then he goes on to make personal remarks at her. Surbhi breaks down during the fight.
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