In Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13, Bigg Boss tells Sidharth Shukla that he was kept separate in order to receive special care. However, he will now have to be taken to the hospital since his health needs much more care. Bigg Boss asks him not to try to contact or talk to anyone apart from the doctors.

Meanwhile, Paras Chhabra and Shefali Bagga get into an argument over the bed, and both of them want to sleep on the same bed, as it was Paras’ bed before. Paras removes the blanket from the bed and Rashami Desai supports Shefali while Mahira supports Paras. Both Paras and Shefali Bagga say that neither of them will let each other sleep, Asim Riaz comes in support too, while Vikas Gupta also tries to explain things. Shefali Bagga, on the other hand, is happy about going to the Captain’s bed that she wanted to sleep on.

As the clock strikes 12, everyone wishes Sidharth a very happy birthday with all fun and cheer. Shehnaaz then suggests a way to wish Sidharth and hugs one of his t-shirts. The next morning, the housemates wake up to “Chor Bazaari.” Paras and Vikas together wake up Shefali, and early in the morning, Shefali and Vishal Aditya Singh too get into an argument as Shefali pulls Vishal’s quilt. Asim goes to Mahira and apologizes to her once again for having shredded her letter, and tells her that he will make sure he pays back to her. Asim asks her if she has forgiven him, but she says she will only believe him once he actually does something to prove it.

Bigg Boss then asks the housemates to choose two people who they want to send to the jail and in addition, also lays down rules and regulations that they will have to follow. While the majority of the housemates pick Madhurima Tuli and Vishal, all of it leads to a fight between Vishal, Rashami and Arhaan Khan. The majority then decides to send Vishal and Shefali Bagga to jail. Shefali Jariwala then announces another perk for Vikas, and post that, Bigg Boss punishes Vishal and Shefali Bagga by asking them to wash dirty utensils, and both of them have to decide who of the two will do it. They decide on Shefali Bagga and she agrees to do it.

Shehnaaz and Vishal have a fun time as they turn Paro and Devdas, respectively. Vikas then announces a new task in the house, ‘Bharat Pay, Isko Lagao Dhanda Badhai.’ The shopkeepers in the task will be Asim and Paras, while Shefali Bagga and Vishal will not be a part of the task. With the money given to them, they can bargain with the customers, and buy their items. Everyone starts planning the task and Paras and Asim try to win over the customers. The first two buyers are Rashami and Shefali Jariwala, and they bargain with Asim, and then Rashami moves onto Paras. Arhaan and Mahira are next to go. The next to go are Bhau and Arti Singh and both of them go to Paras.

The bargaining continues and they both pick their items. The last to go are Madhurima and Shehnaaz, and while the former bargains with Asim, the latter goes to Paras. Madhurima, however, does not buy anything, while Shehnaaz runs to Asim and teases him. Paras wins with a margin of Rs. 400 extra as Asim has Rs. 18, 600 only. Asim, however, feels bad that he lost because of the first round, and gets annoyed at Shefali Jariwala. Paras, on the other hand, feels Asim is aggressive. Shehnaaz walks up to Asim, and Asim talks to Arhaan as well. Arti, on the other hand, feels Shefali Jariwala shouldn’t think about Asim all the time. Shefali then discusses the task with Asim and amidst that, they get into an argument.

Bigg Boss then asks Paras to go to BB supermarket and buy items. Paras gets everything and Bigg Boss then says that apart from Vishal, Shefali, and Asim, everyone can use the luxury budget items. Meanwhile, Mahira hides the chocolates as Paras does not want to give them to anyone. Vikas too hides his chocolates. Meanwhile, Asim continues to express his annoyance at Shefali.

Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira talk to each other about their mothers and in fact, Mahira asks Paras that if outside, Shehnaaz and Paras are visible together, what about her then. Mahira also reveals how things are strict at home when Paras tells her that Shehnaaz says it out loud but Mahira doesn’t. Mahira is overwhelmed with the emotions she is going through, and they have a fun time together.

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