Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Rashami and Asim clearing it out with Shehnaaz as she was hurt during the task. Mahira talks to Vishal about the task post which Rashami apologises to her. Mahira says that she is hurt about everybody supporting Shehnaaz and ignoring her completely. Later on, Bhau tells Shehnaaz that Paras is a good guy. However, he adds that Sidharth is not a good person. Shehnaaz agrees that Paras is good and that his brain is as same as Sidharth.

Sidharth talks to Paras about Bhau and Shehnaaz’s discussion about him. Paras tells Sidharth that Shehnaaz is an attention seeker which she is not getting after their exit. They talk while looking at Mahira’s activities wherein it feels like she did not care about the letter. They have a discussion about Bhau, Mahira, Asim and others’ game. Shehnaaz advises Rashami about a few housemates including Arhaan. Sidharth tells Paras that he forbid her about talking about such things. Meanwhile, Arti tries to give a piece of advice to Mahira. Everything is noticed by Paras and Sidharth from the secret room.

Next morning, the housemates wake up to an energetic song. Shehnaaz asks Asim whether he has a girlfriend outside which he denies. She tells him that it is because of his wrong choices. She also advises him not to fall in love anymore. Meanwhile, Rashami, Shefali Jariwala and Arhaan have a discussion about Bhau. Paras says that Shefali Jariwala has never maintained her relationship with anyone. He schools her for not giving the letter to Bhau.

Sidharth and Paras discuss the tasks to be given during the ‘katputli’ task. The buzzer rings and Paras orders Rashami to expose Vishal’s game without sugarcoating him. She starts doing that and it leads to an ugly spat between the two of them. Later on, Paras gives the same task to Shefali who then goes and calls him a sidekick. However, Vishal denies the allegations. Vikas comes in between and takes Vishal away as Rashami follows them. Paras then asks Vikas also to talk about Vishal’s negativities. Asim is then called to speak on Vishal’s behalf. However, he is asked to support Rashami after some time.

Shehnaaz also joins in the fight and calls him “double-faced”. Rashami is instructed to lock horns with Vishal again. Paras instructs her to go and make the bathroom dirty. Asim is then asked to go and stop Rashami. Paras asks Vikas to clean the bathroom. Shefali is also sent to school Rashami. All of them lock Rashami inside the bathroom. Paras asks Asim to put shaving foam on Vikas. After some time everyone puts foam on each other. In the midst of all this, Shehnaaz falls down. Asim is asked to put foam on his face and then shout ‘I am an apple pie’ in front of the mirror. Bigg Boss announces the end of the captaincy task thereafter. Paras and Sidharth use their power to elect Vikas Gupta as the captain of the house.

Later on, Shehnaaz tries to clear things out with Vishal. Paras is asked by Bigg Boss to go into the main house. Bigg Boss announces that the person who gave them the tasks will now name the captain. He enters the house and greets everyone. Mahira and Shehnaaz hug him but he refuses to hug Vishal. Paras informs that he was in the secret room and noticed everyone. He also says that everyone is playing games here. He schools Shefali Jariwala for tearing Bhau’s letter. Paras also confronts them for siding Mahira and Shehnaaz. He exposes Arhaan and informs Rashami that he told Shefali Bagga how Rashami’s bank account was zero and that she was here because of him. Rashami clarifies that she was, in fact, helped and supported by him.

Paras also schools Vishal for trying to flirt with Mahira. Vishal, Asim and others try to clear things out. Vishal and Paras have a one on one fight separately. Paras then schools Asim for not giving the letter to Mahira. He then declares Vikas Gupta the new captain of the house. Vishal and Asim talk about Paras. Later on, Asim and Paras taunt each other. Paras and Mahira have a discussion with each other after some time. Vishal comes and clears things out with Paras. On the other hand, Rashami and Arhaan have a discussion about whatever he said to Shefali Bagga.

Shehnaaz expresses her happiness in front of Rashami and Shefali Bagga that Paras saved Mahira from nominations. Vikas is informed about his special powers as a captain by Bigg Boss. Thereafter the housemates are informed about some special grooming services to be provided for them. However, Vikas can take only five housemates with him while the rest of them will be their ‘sevaks.’ Vikas takes Mahira, Shehnaaz, Rashami, Shefali Jariwala and Asim along with him. Paras and Arhaan are the first two sevaks to be called inside followed by Vishal and Madhurima. Arhaan and Madhurima have a small tiff about making tea. She calls him a nautanki to which Arti agrees.

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