Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala’s fight post the ‘BB Post Office’ task. Meanwhile, the next letter comes for Asim Riaz and Mahira Sharma find it. However, she decides to give him the letter saying, she values emotions over captaincy and they hug it out. Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira talk about the task and discuss how things are going on. The final letter is for Mahira, and this time Asim finds the letter. However, he decides to shred it off, leaving both Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra in shock. Mahira is left inconsolable and picks up the shreds and tried to read the letter from the bits.

Everyone tries to explain things to Mahira and tell her that she should buckle up and stay strong. Meanwhile, Shefali talks to the housemates about the task, and Asim comes there and ends up fighting with Shefali once again. Bigg Boss announces the captaincy contenders in the form of Vikas, Rashami, Shefali, and Asim. Vikas Gupta gives her a piece of advice, while Shefali ends up in tears once again. Asim goes on to explain his side to Mahira once again, however, she pays no attention. He also goes to Shefali and apologizes to her for things that happened in the heat of the moment. The two of them hug it out.

Meanwhile, Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh spend some time with each other, and they end up arguing. The next morning, housemates wake up to the song “Khadke Glassy”, and when housemates don’t wake up at once, Bigg Boss plays “Kukdoo Koo”. Housemates get into an argument over duties and Vishal and Madhurima fight once again. Shehnaaz speaks to Madhurima while Vishal talks to Rashami and others, while Paras says that they should speak to each other instead of talking to everyone else.

Bhau asks for perfume, and Arti asks him to take one from the boys, and it belongs to Paras, leaving Paras annoyed. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz gets angry at Mahira for talking to Vishal and says how he annoys her a lot. Meanwhile, Vishal goes to Shehnaaz and Mahira and tries to talk to them, but they both ignore her, and Paras enjoys it. While Rashami asks Madhurima about their love story, Vishal gets busy in the kitchen. Mahira then confronts Vishal about the task and nominations.

Shefali Bagga then comes bearing an announcement for the captaincy task. Paras and Sidharth order Shefali to go to Asim and tell him about his negative issues. Paras also asks Asim to tell Shefali how he is better than her. Paras then assigns the next task to Rashami, asking her to do her makeup like the Joker, and then also asks Shefali to keep the slippers down and also asks her to keep the mug on her head. Meanwhile, Rashami is also asked to mimic Asim, and all of this turns out to be fun. He also asks Asim to go lie down on the floor while Shefali gets concerned, and they resume the conversation.

Rashami is also asked to apologise to Mahira and next asked to go to Shehnaaz and the two of them have a nice time together. Meanwhile, Asim is asked to stop indulging Rashami, and Sidharth tells Paras to not have done so. Meanwhile, Vikas is busy doing the cleaning, while Shefali Bagga tears off tissue papers and throws them on the ground, leaving Sidharth and Paras wondering why is she doing so. Madhurima and Asim get into an argument amidst all of this. The orders keep coming in, and Asim and Rashami go to Shehnaaz to tell her nice things. Meanwhile, she calls them fake and ends up crying, wondering why they are all coming to her only for the sake of the task.

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