Monday’s episode begins with Paras and Vishal having a discussion about the other housemates. The next day, housemates wake up to an energetic song. After some time the buzzer goes on post which Paras and Mahira go to bring the ration. Mahira hides a few packets of milk while the other housemates go to bring the rest of the ration. Asim accuses Mahira of stealing and this leads to an ugly spat between the two of them.

The rest of the housemates also get involved after sometime that creates a huge ruckus in the house. Shehnaaz then brings out some of the stolen ration back into the kitchen. Later on, Paras trims Khesari’s beard, post which the housemates are all praises for him. Hindustani Bhau tells Rashami that he felt Arhaan was a bit disturbed since the past few days. Rashami breaks down in front of Bhau and tells him that she is very close to Arhaan.

Himanshi whistles at Khesari in a hilarious manner post which Vishal and Sidharth also pull his leg. Shehnaaz has a conversation with Sidharth and Vishal post which Himanshi walks away. Devoleena comes after sometime and Shehnaaz passes funny comments at her. Himanshi, Devoleena, Sidharth, Bhau and others try to pull Khesari’s leg again.

Bigg Boss then asks the housemates to come to the confession room and take any two names who they want to save from the nominations. Sidharth, Arti, Rashami, Devoleena and Khesari end up getting nominated. Later on, Bhau, Shefali, Himanshi and Asim have a discussion about the nominations. Rashami confronts Mahira for choosing Vishal over her. Paras tries to explain the entire matter but Rashami gets irked at him as well.

Rashami, Devoleena and Bhau have a discussion about Mahira. Meanwhile, Paras tells Mahira that Rashami has a problem with her. Sidharth and Asim have a discussion with each other about whatever is happening in the house. Asim also confronts Sidharth about whatever is happening between the latter and Devoleena.

Paras and Mahira try to clear things out with Devoleena. Later on, the housemates are given a special task in which Shefali and Devoleena are assigned as the thieves. Shefali already starts stealing items despite Sidharth’s warning that the task hasn’t started yet. The buzzer goes on after some time and both Devoleena and Shefali start stealing items of the other housemates. Vishal takes away all the items from Shefali’s box and the latter confronts him about the same. Later on, Shefali and Devoleena have a funny fight over the latter’s clothes. Sidharth, Shehnaaz and others lock Devoleena and Shefali inside the bathroom after sometime. Devoleena shouts from inside that she is having suffocation but nobody opens the door. They open the doors after sometime and Devoleena bursts out at everyone.

Bigg Boss announces that the first phase of the task has been completed. They are then asked to name the items which they have stolen from the housemates. Shefali has the most number of stolen items post which she is declared the winner. Bigg Boss announces a party for her and she is allowed to take five more persons along with her. She takes Asim, Himanshi, Bhau, Sidharth and Arti’s name. Shehnaaz has a funny conversation with Sidharth thereafter.

Bigg Boss then asks the selected housemates to come outside for the party. They go and have a blast in the garden area while the others look from inside. The party continues outside as the other housemates peep from inside.
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