Apart from the fights and the plotting, Monday’s episode featured a hilarious lesson in English language. Arti Singh and Devoleena Bhattacharjee were discussing Sidharth Shukla when Arti said that she likes Sidharth. However, when Devoleena asked if she should talk to him about it, Arti said she would rather do it herself. Soon after, Arti goes to Sidharth and asked him not to believe anyone in the house.

Arti also tells Devoleena that she was rumoured to be dating Sidharth, adding that she plans to get married in a year or so and is not very career-oriented. When the house woke up to the song ‘Paisa Paisa’, the contestants were unaware of the hint that the song carried. The day begins with disagreements, fights and strategies being planned in order to survive. Being the ‘queen’ of the house, Devoleena finds herself caught in a very tough situation. She is responsible for realigning the house duties among the contestants and the housemates don’t seem to be very happy with the change.

Known for being a thorough entertainer in the house, Shehnaaz becomes the mood changer and a crash course on English speaking begins inside the house. Siddhartha Dey claims that the plural of hair is ‘hairs’ and that of people is ’peoples’. Aarti disagreed but he was ready to place a bet of Rs 10 lakh that he is right.

Shefali subtly taunts Rashami for serving undercooked Rotis and Rashami instigates her to be able to show everyone her true evil side. Stirring a pool of accusations, complaints, highlighting various problems and inflamed egos, the day takes a major turn as Bigg Boss announces the nomination task for the girls, called ‘BB Bank.’

Bigg Boss also announced that there will be two evictions this week also. However, this time, a man and a woman will be evicted. With the task, the girls got a chance to secure themselves from nominations this week. Called ‘Bigg Boss Bank’, the task divided the girls of the house in two teams – Devoleena, Rashami and Mahira were in Team A, while Shefali, Shehnaaz and Arti made Team B. The girls needed to get money from boys and put it all in their safe. The team that had maximum money at the end of the task wins the task.

As the game progressed, both teams began stealing money. Siddhartha Dey gave a huge amount of his money to Devoleena believing she was in Shefali’s team, who got angry and tried to take the money from Devoleena’s treasury.

When Siddharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra could not decide who got more money, Bigg Boss announced that Team B won the task. With the task, Mahira and Rashami were nominated for evictions for the week. Since Devoleena is the queen of the house, she is safe from nominations.

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