Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with Salman Khan welcoming everyone and the BB Comedy Club resumed with Paras Chhabra’s stand up and he has everyone laughing throughout. He scores a decent 6.5 points, and following him is none other than Shefali Jariwala, who puts together a good show and scores 5.9 points.

Next up, Shehnaaz is all set to take the stage, and she brings along with her high spirits. The crowd cheers for her and well, her score speaks for her as she gets a whopping 8.5 points. Mahira comes next, and while she roasts everyone, she feels a little nervous too and she scores 5.5 points. Next up on stage is Asim Riaz, and he too is welcomed with a lot of cheer, and he fumbles a little during the starts. He also performs a few raps and hits off with everyone. He takes off his shirt ahead of the scores, and well, it looks like it worked just fine, as he gets 7.6 points. The task comes to an end, and the winners of the task are Shehnaaz and Asim Riaz.

A happy Shehnaaz hugs Sidharth while Paras tells Mahira that she did not perform very well, but it was only the audience who made her win. While Shehnaaz tells Sidharth how she is hurt about things and he tells her that how does it matter now that she has won. They both share a cute moment and Bigg Boss then comes back to us, talking about the nominations. Salman then shows us how Sidharth and Madhurima Tuli’s banter leads to something else when she gets annoyed. Vishal’s involvement makes things worse and they get into an argument.

Salman then welcomes Laxmi Agarwal and she makes an entry to the house and meets everyone. She talks about the film, Chhapaak, and we get a glimpse of the wishes housemates made during the wishing task, which she will be fulfiling. Paras and Mahira wished for their punishment to come to an end, and so, their punishment along with Asim comes to an end. Shefali wished for a photo of her nephew and she got some of them.

Laxmi then talks about their campaign ‘Mooh Dikhayi’ where she explains to them what is it about. While she narrates her story, Sidharth breaks down listening to it. After narrating her story, everyone tells their own stories, and Paras reveals how he used to stammer in childhood and also talks about his wig.

Sidharth talks about his age and says how he is proud of having lived so much, and he also talks about how he is often called ‘aurat.’ Shehnaaz talks about how she has always had a problem with her spoken skills, and how she has been pinpointed about it. She also talks about things that have happened inside the house, including how she is often called the jealous one, which hurts her a lot.

Arti talks about her story from when she was 13-years-old, and how her servant tried to rape her and how her panic attacks started from then. It all turns out to be an emotional moment, and next, Vishal makes a rather shocking revelation when he says he has been molested when he was young and how he got a beating from his dad when he spoke out. Madhurima is next, and she also tells her story of molestation, and she breaks down. She also spoke about how it all affected her studies and when she shifted to Dehradun, and everything fell in place. Rashami also talks about her story, and how she has had to face a lot of struggle because a female was born into the family. She also reveals how she had poison once upon time and how all of it affected her family, and how she never broke down.

She brings another surprise along with her, and Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey enter the house. Vishal has a huge fanboy moment when he meets Deepika, and tells her to marry him. Deepika then announces a game, and divides them into two teams, one with Sidharth, Paras, Mahia, Rashami and Asim while the other 5 in the other team. She explains the game and tells them how they have to enact each other, and playout situations that have already happened inside the house. Vikrant also tells them how this is going to be a one of its kind gift for them. Deepika looks around and she tells them about her OCD and how she wanted to have tea but looking at the uncleanliness, she does not want it anymore.

The task starts and Sidharth, Asim, and Paras have to enact the fight between Mahira and Madhurima, and Shehnaaz. Vishal and Shehnaaz are next, and they have to enact Mahira and Paras’ everyday equation. Next, Rashami and Mahira have to enact Vishal and Madhurima’s knok-jhok. And finally, Arti and the team have to enact Sidharth and Rashami’s fight. Team B, Arti, Shefali, Vishal, Shehnaaz, and Madhurima win the task, and Deepika then announces how in a historic moment, the team will be taken out on a ride. They head out and have a super fun time out. Meanwhile, Salman shows how the remaining housemates are talking about them.

Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira talk about their relationship status as Paras tells her that now that people know about it, let’s just admit it while Mahira says that after Bigg Boss, both of them will go their own ways. Paras in fact, goes onto admit he does love her and Mahira asks him if it is the friendship kind of love, and their conversation goes onto relationships, and marriages.

Deepika bids goodbye to everyone and the housemates return to the house. Shefali says how everyone is cheering for her, and Shehnaaz feels overwhelmed.

Salman is back and he visits the housemates and asks them about their ride. Salman then highlights the use of the word ‘jealousy’ in the house and also shows them a glimpse of the winning team’s ride and indulges in some fun banter.

Salman also praises the housemates for carrying out the task so nicely, and he also talks about the wishing task. He then talks about Shehnaaz’s wish and has a fun time with her. He then carries out a task where the housemates get to choose whose heart has more jealousy given the constant arguments between Mahira and Paras and the set up of two boxes is done and the housemates have to pour the liquid in them.

Rashami pours the liquid in Shehnaaz’s box and she breaks down, but when Sidharth consoles her, she pushes him away. She questions Salman if she is really jealous and because of all her crying and pushing, Salman lashes out at her.

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