In an exchange between two different corners of the world, writers of Wales and India are on a collaborative project ‘Walking Cities’.

As part of the exercise, inspired by Dylan Thomas’ birth anniversary, writers from two different continents would savour the culture, heritage and delicacies of the respective home cities, a British Council spokesperson said here.

"You may call it a visiting artiste having been introduced to an enchanting foreign local through the eyes of his/her local host," the spokesperson told PTI here recently.

Wales-born Joe Dunthorne, whose novel ‘Submarine’ had been made into a film in 2010 by Richard Ayoade and shown in London, Berlin and Swansea, said one common passion the two regions of Wales and Kolkata shared was football.

"I know how much fenzy was generated for ISL and the rooting for your club Atletico Kolkata. It is the same frenzy as in the premier league in our land. I wish could witness the I-league matches," Joe said.

The writers were ‘amazed’ by the exuberance of the KolKata Book Fair crowd during a visit last week.

"All these exercise are meant to inspire new work from both the Welsh and Indian writers and maybe translations of each other?s work to showcase Welsh culture in India and to bring Indian writers to a Welsh audience," editor, writer, translator and critic Anjum Katyal said.

After visiting Tagore’s city this year, in May 2015 the writers will visit Wales and sites of importance to Dylan Thomas, including Swansea and Laugharne, to learn more about what made Dylan the writer.

They will also read at Alchemy festival at the South Bank.

Johnathan Edwards, poet-author Jeet Thayil and author Tishani Doshi are the other members of the ‘City Walkers.’