Subhra Prasanta Das
[email protected]
Kolkata, 4 December
Souhardya, the air-conditioned coach services run by West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation (WBSTC) thrice a week from Kolkata to Dhaka, has been suspended, after two buses were  attacked in Bangladesh by a mob last Monday and Tuesday.
Sources at WBSTC said that two Dhaka-bound buses, which left on 2 December, were first attacked with stones and bricks at Jassore-Chanchra junction in Bangladesh in the presence of police.
These buses were again, sources at WBSTC claimed, attacked with stones by a violent mob at Simakhali in Magura district of Bangladesh, once again in the presence of police.
When the buses reached Bijay Sarani near Rangs Bhavan in Dhaka, grenades were hurled at one of the buses.
It has been alleged
that the mob continuously threatened the passengers and chanted anti-India
While the bus was returning to India around 2.30 p.m. on 3 December, it was again attacked at Simakhali in Magura district. The people in the bus took shelter at a nearby petrol pump station.
Similar incidents were reported from Khajura bus stand near New Market in Jassore district, Bangladesh. 
A source said, a mob gathered at Jassore-Chanchra junction hurled stones and bricks that injured a passenger from Kolkata and shattered almost all the windows of one of the buses.
It has been alleged that throughout the entire episode police took no initiative or action to prevent or stop the violence initiated by the unruly mob in Bangladesh.
This violence has provoked created tension and fear among travelers along the route. Both buses sustained damage in the attacks in Bangladesh.
Today the bus services along Kolkata-Dhaka route which runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday were suspended to protest the attacks, confirmed a source at WBSTC.