Veteran Communist leader and independent India&’s first visually challenged MP, Sadhan Gupta, has passed away, family sources said on Sunday. Gupta, 98, died late Saturday.

His mortal remains will be taken to his alma mater Calcutta Blind School and then to the CPI-M state committee office. 

Blinded by smallpox as an infant, he went on to become the first blind Advocate General of West Bengal in 1986.

Unsuccessfully contesting the country&’s first Lok Sabha election against Shyamaprasad Mookerjee from Kolkata Southeast, Gupta became the first visually challenged MP by wining the by-poll following Mookerjee&’s death.

He was re-elected in 1957, from Calcutta East, and remained a member of the Lok Sabha till 1962.