Gangtok, 25 October
The trend of hoisting party flags atop the residences of the sympathisers and supporters of the political parties must stop, as it is accentuating animosity among the Sikkimese society, fissuring them on political lines, said the Opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha leader, Mr P S Golay.
However, while resenting the culture of indulging in flag race to score points over the political rivals, the mascot of the Opposition party said his party, being a new one, has rights to flaunt its flags.
“We need visual introduction and the practice would continue till the 2014 elections,” he said.
He further said the common people are at the receiving end of the flag race as they are being denied access to the benefits of the governmental schemes because of their political allegiance being identified. 
“The tendency to discriminate on the basis of the persons’ political loyalties is a dangerous trend, auguring ill for the flourish of the democratic culture. If voted to power, my party would end such practice and would treat all equally, irrespective of their political allegiance. This is what the spirit of the democratic engagement warrants and this is what is singularly lacking in Sikkim because of the vendetta politics being indulged in by the ruling party,” Mr Golay said.