Malda, 7 July
The ear of a Trinamul Congress worker, Mrs Dipali Saha (38), was chopped off last night at Bahannobigha village of Kajigram gram panchayat in the English Bazaar police station area. A complaint has been lodged against two women Congress leaders Mrs Sandhya Singha and Mrs Archana Mandal.
In another incident, a campaign vehicle of a Trinamul gram panchayat candidate, Mr Dorpi Mandal was set on fire last night at Pakuahaat in the Bamangola police station area and the RSP has been accused for the incident.
Police sources said that last night Mrs Saha was attacked by some goons while she was returning home after campaigning for her nephew&’s wife Mampi Singha. She was roughed up and her left earlobe was chopped at the blow of some sharp weapon used by the goons. She was rushed to Malda Medical College Hospital (MMCH) after she started bleeding heavily and fainted.
Mrs Saha today alleged that when she left the Trinamul office, a group of six or seven goons at the behest of the local Congress leaders Mrs Sandhya Singha and Mrs Anjana Mandal attacked her. They chopped her left earlobe. Later, she lodged a complaint against Mrs Singha and Mrs Mandal.
The Social Welfare Minister and district Trinamul president, Mrs Sabitri Mitra, said: “With the panchayat elections drawing nearer, sensing imminent defeat the Congress are attacking the Trinamul Congress workers."  Mrs Mitra demanded the arrest of the ‘Congress goons.’
The district Congress general secretary, Mr Narendranath Tiwary, on the contrary, termed Mrs Mitra&’s allegation as baseless. “Failing to manage the factional fight, the Trinamul is now making the Congress a scapegoat,” Mr Tiwary said.
Meanwhile, the Trinamul gram panchayat candidate of Chandpur gram panchayat Mr Mandal, alleged that while he was going to Rampur village by an auto-rickshaw, a group of bikers started following him at Pakuahaat. He claimed that on being frightened he got down from the auto-rickshaw and ran into a house. The goons then set the auto on fire. Mr Mandal said that the goons had a plan of setting him ablaze along with his vehicle. He accused the RSP of attempting to kill him. He lodged a police complaint later.
The local RSP leader, Mr Bhushan Mahato, however, rubbished the allegation saying that without identifying the goons Mr Mandal was unnecessarily blaming the RSP.
The Superintendent of Police, Mr Kalyan Mukherjee, said: “A Trinamul woman worker&’s ear was chopped off at Kajigram. Police have received a complaint. But the accused fled from the area. Police would look into the matter.”
“At Bamangola, a Trinamul candidate lodged a complaint against unidentified goons. We have started an enquiry into the complaint,” Mr Mukherjee said.